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              Chris Brown Album X | September 16 

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@Zendaya: my jam!! me likey this me likey that @trevorjackson5

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psd 192. → mf da

a colorful psd for music videos. contains vibrance and and optional gradient map.

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Boom Clap
Charli XCX
the fault in our stars soundtrack

BOOM CLAP | charlie xcx

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K so I made it to 3hunnid awhile ago but hadn't come around to making a follow forever cause I'm a little lazy shit. And as I sit here and write this, sick as hell, I realize how much I hate my graphic and the glitches. But I'm not gonna fix it cause it's never that serious. But anyway

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Hey we're in need of apps! We're a appless roleplay open to any fc so please come check us out and apply!


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↳ #200 small, and medium, RECENT HQ gifs of Kylie Jenner. None of these gifs were made by me, just assembled by me so please do not use it as your own. Please like and/or reblog if this helped you in any way, and if you have any particular faceclaim you want a please request here.


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"Let’s plot something and RP all the time and have several different threads and let me love you forever and you are mine now okay?"

—Me when someone even slightly interacts with me. (via beautiful-fragile-human)


gradient pack 007, looking at you - {{download}}

I’ve reached another hundred so I dedicate these gradients to my beautiful followers. I hope you like them and please like or reblog if you use them, but do not redistribute or claim them as your own. 

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THEME #2: 8BIT HELL by luscifers
 ↳ static preview // code.  


  • Contained theme.
  • One column + 250px posts.
  • Fully customizable colors. 
  • Title, description.
  • Text box for online user counter.
  • 200px sidebar image.
  • Small cursor.
  • 4 custom links.
  • Sidebar art credit: my-74.

Standard rules apply.

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