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  • So this is my second character PSD. I made it a few weeks ago but finally decided to post it. It doesn’t really have a theme or anything so it can be used on pretty much any rp. On the right you’ve got negative traits, and the left you’ve got positive ones. Yeah.
  • The font used for the text is here. PSD is here, and feel free to try some other PSDs or gradients — they’ll all look great.
  • You know the basics — don’t reupload, don’t be a dick, etc.


Sorry if I'm not answering the things in inbox im closing my requests for now. Not really in the mood to edit anything.

If there was a better life, then Miami is the place. The city filled with all walks of life, music, fun, and it is commonly known for the nightclubs. Here at Miami Lights, you're open to live your life freely and however you want. The only advice is you would get is to be careful, you never know what you can get pulled into.



Emotionally Unavailable Characters

We hate to love them and want to strangle them some of the time - these characters are worse than the “assholes” or the “catty bitches;” these are the characters that feel very little, if nothing at all. Under the cut are some tips on how to write a character who is emotionally unavailable. Thank you in advance for reading, and like or reblog if this helps you at all!

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theme 27 "adri v2" preview (r) / download (r)
  • The links (r) are regular links, without adfly. Just in case your internet is slow I guess?
  • Please do not repost, or edit and repost! I obviously don’t mind people editing it, though. 
  • Please keep the credit in place, although feel free to move it on a separate page if you want!
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Below the cut/read more will you find various connection ideas for your character. They’re all sorted in categories. Please don’t copy and paste this list or claim as your own. Feel free to use these ideas and a like would make me really happy!

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The glitz and glamour behind the “scene” of Miami’s night life. Clubs, beaches, everything you can think of. You wouldn’t think of what would happen when you try to confine one of the biggest night life industries in Miami.


Welcome to Felon: the RPG

Just another wild night in the city of Philly and the streets are filled with people racing to get to where they need to be. Two of the meanest kingpins are back in town to continue unfinished business and law enforcement are attempting to stay on their toes. New faces are being brought in for assistance, and disloyal ones are being brought down.

Will the new people in the crew ruin the biggest mission ever, or will they succumb to being targets of intense interrogation and torturous police brutality? Will the detectives on the job keep their focus on the matter at hand, or will they become victims to how much power and greed really is involved in such a crime-filled lifestyle?



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BEKAHOFRP THEME #6- ‘warrior’ - lp/code

Okay, so here we have my sixth theme and yay I’m super happy with how it turned out. It’s pretty simple, but I still like it. I also mention somewhere on the preview about how there’s a lot of links. Of course, if you want to use less or even add more then go ahead and do your thing cause that’s cool. As usual, there’s a couple of rules, so please follow them and let me know if you have any questions.

  • Features: 1 big sidebar, 9 links, description & pagination thing
  • Please don’t repost my theme, or edit and repost it. If you want to edit it for personal use, go ahead.
  • Please don’t move the credit/put it on another page
  • Like/reblog if you use it or plan on using it cause that’s cool. Also, feel free to ask me any questions if you have any.
  • Don’t steal any of the graphics okay omg cause that’s rude and i’ll know