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AU MEME: Christopher and Krista Wedding Day chrezstopherbrawn

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● inspired by this ask, a simple poc-friendly psd.
● works best on event and photoshoot images.
● comes with an optional black & white layer.
● please like and/or reblog if you download.
● do not repost or claim as your own.

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a font pack by princessofrph: #001, favorite fonts

here are my favorite fonts for you guys! i was just bored and i wanted to be productive so here! enjoy!!!

arenq // channel // ginette // market deco // praying angel // orator std // arsenale white // satisfaction

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 ↳ A gif hunt including #100 small gifs of TREVOR JACKSON. All gifs were made by me. Please don’t claim credit and please reblog/like if you find this helpful. Thank you! [ DOWNLOAD HERE ]



alyssia's character psd #006
                        - "the supernatural" -
  • psd is mine, please don’t steal.
  • gradient is mine as well, please don’t steal.
  • fonts used is “Georgia” and “Listening”.
  • like/reblog if you download/use/like/whatever else


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STILL waiting for my trevorofrps , baby where are you?


i was but zendaya bae so

:/ i want my trevor lol

inbox me a “★” if im your favourite blog/a good blog

STILL waiting for my trevorofrps , baby where are you?

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"The hopeless romantic fell in love with the realist, and neither have been the same way since."

—(via harmonizingly)

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